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MOXI® Treatment by Sciton

Preventative Skincare & Prejuvenation

MOXI is the newest fractionated wavelength designed with everyone in mind. Ideal for patients just starting their skincare journey, looking for a light touch-up, and those wanting something more. Because MOXI is gentle and requires no anesthetic, providers have taken to calling it the “perfect lunchtime facial.”

Most patients should undergo a series of 3-4 treatments to start, with subsequent annual treatments for ongoing maintenance. This effort battles the visible signs of aging and produces evenly toned, radiant skin after just one treatment.

What it treats:

Frequently Asked Questions

This will depend on your treatment goals and the level of correction desired. Most patients receive 3 to 4 corrective MOXI treatments, then often elect for regular maintenance treatments. Talk to us about your goals and we can advise you on the best treatment regimen.

Results will vary depending on your treatment goals and the plan you set forth with us. For the day following your treatment, your skin may appear red and, depending on your level of treatment, you may see the small micro dots called “mendz” where the laser was applied. As the micro zones heal, they will darken and feel rough. Between days 3 and 5, the mendz will slough off, revealing the renewed skin beneath.

Differing levels of treatment may affect the sensations you feel during treatment, but most patients find the MOXI treatment experience very tolerable. The numbing cream prior to the procedure minimizes discomfort. Simply put, this is one of the most gentle, low-pain laser treatments on the market.

MOXI revitalizes skin without breaking the surface. Therefore, your post-care regimen is simple: wear a moisturizing physical sunscreen and stay out of the sun. You may wear makeup 24 hours after your treatment.

A gentle cleanser and moisturizer will be recommended to protect and comfort the treated area and should be used until skin has naturally exfoliated.

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